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Time is Money

Fruta Vida International offers a unique opportunity to people interested in trading a little time to acquire significant, long term earnings.

Our business model is built on a simple philosophy:

Provide a top quality juice product that provides real world results, backed by comprehensive scientific data and happily reordered month after month, year after year.

Aggressively compensate those who refer others to Fruta Vida International in a straightforward compensation plan without qualification loop holes or sponsorship qualifications.

Provide ample training, free websites, and tools, all of which are designed to get the new member into positive cash flow within 30 days.

The Amazon Rainforest is home to more than half of the Earth’s estimated 10 million species of plants and animals. It is the source of about 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. It has also been called “Nature’s medicine chest”, as a majority of pharmaceuticals and drugs are derived or are active constituents of plants that have come from there.

The fruits of the rainforest have been enjoyed by native Indians for centuries.

Experts estimate that these indigenous people routinely utilize as many as 2,000 of the 3,000 known rainforest fruits.

Because the Amazon Rainforest is constantly under attack, Fruta VidaTM only uses fruits that are grown in ecologically friendly and socially responsible farms. A percentage of the proceeds from every bottle of Fruta Vida is given back to the people and plants of the rainforest.

Fruta Vida creates an opportunity for those looking to add additional or replacement income from home. Tools, support and training are provided by company and the existing distributors. Leaders are in place throughout the organization to help each person build their own business. You will often find people are more than willing to help others, even when they are not directly benefiting from your success. It is a family environment that is rarely obtained in the corporate world. In this business you are compensated for referring other people to our outstanding new health beverage and for helping those people build their own business.

The Compensation Plan is designed to get each distributor to positive cash flow with 2 referrals. There are no qualification sales or sales volume requirements for you to start earning money or maximize the pay plan. This effectively removes the hurdles that trip up those who want to be successful in their home based business, but have failed with other companies.

There are three parts to the compensation plan

  • Fast Start Bonus – This pays you $20 – $70 for every personally sponsored Member. Fast Starts are paid 4 times every month.
  • 2×7 Expanding / Compressing Matrix – Each Matrix holds 254 people with each level having a fixed dollar amount you can earn. The matrix commissions are determined at the end of the month. At this time the computer compresses your Matrix to fill empty spots. When this happens, each level can double in size. So the 7th level with 128 people paying out $15 (Premium Member) per person can double to 256 people.
  • 100% Matching Bonus – You will receive 100% matching bonus on all personally sponsored members. As you build your Matrix team you will also be building the Matrix teams of those you have sponsored.

Advantages of a Matrix compensation plan
Let’s talk about a thing called “spillover.

In a matrix pay plan, you build your business organization in two ways; first with the people you bring in, and secondly from people that get placed in your group from those distributors above and below you. The term spillover comes from the potential “spill over” available from the rest of the membership above you in the business organization.

When you join a matrix plan you will get help in the way of this spillover – when a first level fills, the next members go to a second level and under current members, such as yourself… and so on as levels fill up. If you work a program alone, you will have a business group of only those you sponsor. In a matrix, the potential number of people that come into your group under you will be much greater due to this spillover effect from the business partners above you in your business. The Fruta Vida matrix plan takes maximum advantage of this spillover effect by having only two positions on each person’s first level. Therefore, everyone who sponsors more than two people, creates spillover!

Building Your Income

If you’re an individual who doesn’t mind rolling up your sleeves a bit to get a business built – as long as you know you’re building it just once in order to receive a substantial residual income – then keep reading!

It’s easy to lay out the specifics of the Fruta Vida opportunity. Many people immediately grasp the impact of how this plan can pay them. Let’s review some key points:

  • Your only qualifying requirement is a monthly purchase.
  • A very lucrative, yet simple, compensation plan that pays 3 ways…without sponsoring requirements, sales volume requirements, qualification sales, or the often seen obstacles associated with many other programs.
  • The easiest qualifications for getting paid combined with by far the lowest risk and investment to build a business and earn a large income.
  • An incredible energizing impact Functional Health Beverage direct from the Amazon Rainforest, that tastes great!
  • You need a lot less active members in order to create a much bigger residual income. Stop thinking in the thousands when it comes to how many people you need in your business group in order to earn a great income in a home business. Start thinking about only a few hundred or less!

There it is in a nutshell. Now, let’s do some quick math to show you some possibilities.

A filled matrix of premium members pays you $2,439 in monthly commissions alone. For each person that you personally sponsor, you additionally receive a matching amount equal to their commission earnings. For example, let’s say you have two personally sponsored people who each earn $1,000 with a partially full matrix of their own, and you have a full matrix yourself… then that’s a $4,439 monthly check to you (not counting any Fast Start bonuses you might have earned). You start earning the matching amount as soon as you sponsor someone, whether you’ve completed your matrix or not. And it doesn’t matter how long it takes to sponsor people or what level they’re on in your group.

With just two people that you brought in and built a relatively small organization with… you earn $4,439. If your two people both have full matrices, you earn $7,317!

What if you have 10 personally sponsored people? What about 20…30…or more? Well, with our calculator above and with what you know about yourself and what you can accomplish, you can come up with your own numbers. There’s no small print or hidden language anywhere. Our compensation plan is totally unique and no other pay plan in this business can offer what we have.

Compensation Plan Details

Start NOW

Starting your own business with Fruta Vida will only take a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is decide if you would like to join as a Standard or Premium Member.

  • Standard Member – 1 x 30oz bottle of Fruta Vida – $39.95
    • You are an active Fruta Vida Member and qualified to earn all commissions
    • Fast Start Bonus is $20 on all new personally sponsored members
  • Premium Member – 4 x 30oz bottle of Fruta Vida – $139.95
    • Maximize the compensation plan
    • Fast Start Bonus is $70 per personally sponsored Premium Members
    • Earn Roll up bonuses on Fast Start Bonuses not paid to Downline Standard Members

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